Bottle Imp wants to welcome in violet to the roster. We’re going to release their new album, titled “amber”, on October 21st. The title single will be available widely this Friday.

Today and tomorrow you can listen to the single exclusively at Echoes and Dust. Head over and take a listen!

‘Amber’, the lead single from the album, is a sharp plunge down a dissociative rabbit-hole. Absent of light and minimal in vocals, the song is both familiar with its industrial techno influence yet far from resembling anything clearly. It shows in violet taking a new turn for the more direct and driven, choosing to engage the listener head-on with a thump to the chest. Never quite pop nor experimental, rock nor electronic, but somewhere in between. ‘Amber’ sets the tone for a record that leaves no stone unturned as it explores the ideas of self, relationship, sound, structure, space, time, life and death.

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