Share your Spotify playlists with friends on other streaming services

(while also supporting bands🤘🤘)

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So, what is this?

Bottle Imp’s mission is to connect people through their love of music.

We do so by making a landing page for each playlist that can be shared with your friends that use a different streaming service.

And! each playlist’s track links to an artists Bandcamp page if we could find one.

You can share your playlists with anyone, and support the artists at the same time.

This image is a flowchart describing relationships in a music-based ecosystem involving Fans Playlist Curators and Artists At the top theres a central blue rectangle labeled Fans with two-way arrows branching downwards to two other blue rectangles The rectangle on the left is labeled Playlist Curators and the one on the right is labeled Artists Below the Playlist Curators there is a text box stating Curators support artists by including them on playlists indicating the support flow from curators to artists To the right a text box adjacent to Artists says Artists can help promote playlists showing a reciprocal relationship Between the Fans and Playlist Curators rectangle a text box reads Fans can tip playlist curators and similarly a box between Fans and Artists reads Fans can support artist directly The overall design has a dark background with the elements in lighter shades providing contrast