This month Bottle Imp Productions has two new artists. You’ve heard Shadowjack’s new album already (and if you haven’t, you should!, and on September 10th we will release Row Boat’s new album “ETT”. This is Row Boat’s first full length album and we’re extremely pleased to have him on the roster.

Row Boat is a post-rock solo project by Mark Wardale. Mark cites several Scandinavian influences behind Row Boat, including classical Nordic sounds and current musical acts such as Sigur Ros, Bjork and Surferosa. Mark describes Row Boat as, “an effort to depict the nature of Scandinavia in note form.” The result is a lush, alternative-rock, ethereal ambience created from a merging of organic strings and horns in an electronic medium.

Read more about the artist. Read an interview with Row Boat at Skope Magazine.

Preview a track from the upcoming album, “ETT”:

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