Its that time of year again! Here’s my short list of favorite albums from 2013. Should be noted that these are in no particular order, and it was difficult getting my list down to just ten. Also should be noted I included no Bottle Imp releases, though 2013 saw some really strong releases.

Chelsea Wolfe, “Pain is Beauty”

Haunting and beautiful. Read my full review.

Ben Lukas Boysen, “Gravity”

An extremely powerful record by one of my favorite composes and sound designers. Boysen’s gravity treads into striking new musical territories, including some pushes into postrock territory. Recommended for fans of Clint Mansell’s film scores.

Lycia, “Quiet Moments”

Triumphant return of the 90’s ethereal standard bearer. Read my full review.

Olan Mill, “Hiraeth”

Breath-taking, heavenly strings and classical crescendos. Veers into some territories that reminds me of the pieces used in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Savages, “Silence Yourself”

Winner for my “Most hours played” award, a super potent gothic rock throwback. Read my full review.

Pinkish Black, “Razed to the Ground”

An epic work that could be the soundtrack to a bad ass, early 80?s Sword and Sorcery flick. Read my full review.

Lustmord, “The Word as Power”

Utter darkness from legendary ambient composer. Read my full review.

Girls Names, “The New Life”

Another interesting rock act with a vintage sound that evokes Faith era The Cure.

Black Mare, “Field of the Host”

Beautiful down-tempo ethereal music from Ides of Gemini vocalist. Read my full review

Zomby, “With Love”

Dark but minimal techno with an early 90’s vibe.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Push The Sky Away”

Extremely strong record by Nick Cave and crew, one their best in many years.


This playlist contains a larger collection from more of my favorite albums of 2013.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Albums of 2013 for Daniel”

    • Yeah it is often a real struggle for me to narrow things down to a list of ten, but those two albums are just too tight to leave off. Also recently secured tickets to see Nick Cave in the summer so that’s cool, too.


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