I discovered The Victim’s Shudder browsing around bands on Myspace. It can be a real task digging through music this way, but with the right amount of effort comes a few brilliant treasures. In this case, “Terror Romance” turned out to be exactly the type of music I am into. The Victim’s Shudder’s Terror Romance is a solid ambient recording in most ways, with classical and ethereal elements tying it all together. Soft and ghostly vocals weave in and out of the recording. The mood of the music is very dark, but not smothering. In fact, there is a ghostly other-wordliness about the whole album. It is forlorn, yearning and quiet. It is engaging, but definitely works as gentle and unobtrusive background music. Recommended if you like work by artists like Tor Lundvall, Dark Muse or much of the stuff on Cold Meat Industry.

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