Welcome to our new site! I originally took the site down thinking it would take a few days, but then a few days turned into a couple weeks. So sorry about that for people who stopped in looking for stuff! Hopefully the Bandcamp and Facebook links were useful.

I massive redesigned the site. I made a lot of back-end changes mostly but wanted the front end to reflect what I’m working on these days a little more closely. Some cosmetic stuff could still change day-to-day but the site organization should remain similar.

In other news, we have quite a number of albums tentatively slated for release. The two most imminent include a new drone album by Bramble that will be available on a hand-printed cassette, as well as a new short album by BLAERG. There could be a lot more BLAERG material forthcoming, now that Scott graduated school and has settled into his new living arrangements. Catch him on Twitter for more info.

Expect more updates in the next few weeks.

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