On October 31st, Bottle Imp will release AMNION’s new album, “DISSOLUTION”. This new album is going to be available in all the usual digital format, as well as available as a CD Digipak. Included on the album are remixes by Row Boat, Wychdoktor and Terra Sancta. Watch on Facebook or Twitter for pre-order status, coming … Read more

Metria’s debut full-length album, “Leaving the Burning Building” brings the listener into the depth of the crumbling ash and industrial waste that is threatening to entomb the city of Detroit.  Gritty and unsettling, we hear the creaks, and drones and noise that are the mortal moans of the dying, post-industrial city. This album will appeal … Read more

Continuing on the free album front, I recently discovered MONO ATRO on Myspace, accidentally. MONO ATRO, a Japanese artist, currently has two short albums available, “MDCCLXXVI” being the most current from 2007. “MDCCLXXVI” is a really bleak album. It is dark ambient with a huge variety of finely produced sound textures. This is not just … Read more


I find it exceptionally irritating when I hear people argue that file sharing is killing music. There are quite a number of artists out there giving albums away as free downloads for this to ever be true. And it isn’t limited to just fringe acts. This giving away the album concept goes from obscure artists … Read more