Metria VInyl

“Excession” by Metria is now available on vinyl via Void Tactical Media. Excession VTCL004 by Metria I remember walking across to Division Street sometime around 2008, hearing this otherworldly howling echo across the Eastern Market. When I came in the door, it was David Cole, Metria, piloting his Nord Lead to sing the songs of … Read more

Ritual Howls

“Turkish Leather” by Ritual Howls is dark, post-punk, gothic rock the way it was meant to be done. These guys are representing Detroit in the best way imaginable: It is dark, gritty, properly brooding and utterly atmospheric. I am entirely late to this party, this album has been out since last September and I just … Read more

Silhouettes Cover

Bottle Imp Productions presents “Silhouettes“. “Silhouettes” is a 3″ mini CD of the various ambient oriented artists working with Bottle Imp Productions right now. It is 5 tracks, and the mini CD is limited to 50 quantities. It comes free with any order from our store that is $10 or more. Or you can buy … Read more