Daniel Tuttle's Best of 2013

Its that time of year again! Here’s my short list of favorite albums from 2013. Should be noted that these are in no particular order, and it was difficult getting my list down to just ten. Also should be noted I included no Bottle Imp releases, though 2013 saw some really strong releases. Chelsea Wolfe, … Read more


I sort of enthusiastically started using Spotify when it was launched in the U.S., so naturally had to get some Bottle Imp Productions representation there. Expect to see all of our future albums on there. BLÆRG, Life Toward Twilight

Svartsinn - Elegies for the End

A remix of Svartsinn’s “All The Colours Are Fading” by Life Toward Twilight is on the new Svarstinn album, “Elegies For The End” on Cyclic Law. Elegies For The End Reissue by SvartsinnGo here to preview and order.

I Swear By All The Flowers Album Case

A new review for Life Toward Twilight’s, I Swear By All The Flowers” is in the latest Steam Punk Magazine: The simplest way to sell you on this CD is to tell you that it was created entirely of antique sources, sampling music boxes, and wax cylinders to great effect. The entire album is restrained, … Read more