Pathfinder pushes forward and develops the ambient and cinematic atmospherics established on First Bloom. Chapter 1 is the beginning in a multi-part journey through the universe and beyond. Recorded and mastered at 48k/24-bit. Includes bonus 3440 × 1440 px Ultra-Wide desktop wallpaper Shirts also available Pathfinder Chapter 1 by Shadowjack Release Date Share

Shadowjack Best of 2013

My top 10 albums of 2013, in no particular order. Black Sun Empire – Variations on Black I’m a sucker for a good remix album. Not only is it great to hear new takes on already solid material, some times the results are better. I don’t think I can say these remixes are necessarily better but … Read more


In a 25th century nightclub you watch as a young Serpentarian girl sways near a window as if in a trance. Her hips keep time to the bass. Her arms make precise cuts through the smoky air as her fingers drum with every note in the music. The stars race past behind her, each one … Read more