Metria VInyl

“Excession” by Metria is now available on vinyl via Void Tactical Media. Excession VTCL004 by Metria I remember walking across to Division Street sometime around 2008, hearing this otherworldly howling echo across the Eastern Market. When I came in the door, it was David Cole, Metria, piloting his Nord Lead to sing the songs of … Read more


SPLINTrd’s “Staring Out of Windows” is exceptionally dynamic for an album so intrinsically mellow in scope. At its core, this is a very relaxed album, though it never quite reaches ambient territory by maintaining a consistent rhythm and complexity through the entire course of the album. This relaxed, but entirely moody, approach is what makes … Read more

Wildflowers of Detroit

This is not exactly related to Bottle Imp Productions, but is a project friends of ours are working on and I feel deserves some attention and support. Best said by them on their Kickstarter site: One pervasive vision of Detroit is its ruins – the monolithic hulks of an industrial era gone by, documented in … Read more