The Silent Ballet posted a review for Bramble’s “Emergence“:

Fans of breakcore will recognize Scott Wehman as the mastermind behind Ohio’s unfortunately named Blaerg, a purveyor of the kind of hyperactive lunacy that has served Venetian Snares and Autechre so well. Under his Bramble guise, however, Wehman abandons the schizophrenic beats of his other project for a sound that’s far more sedate, if no less unsettling.

His third release (following 2007’s Dynamism and Innate) is an exercise in haunted ambience, an ethereal collection of spectral soundscapes. Comprised of three lengthy ambient suites and three short introductory pieces, Emergence nestles itself comfortably into a deep slumber: the pace is funereal, the mood somber and reflective.

“Conjunction” is a darkly hypnotic piece, a bit of experimental drone that sounds strangely organic. The long fade out paves the way for the blast of icy air that is “Emergence (Second Profundity)”, which in turn melts into the album’s longest track, the claustrophobic “Apocrypha”. The nature of the music is enough to elicit nightmares if listened to before sleep, but with enough time actively invested in it, Emergence reveals itself to be a haunting, often emotional listen. While other artists working within this field employ warmth to their ambient works (think Loscil or Eluvium), Bramble exists instead in a darker, harsher climate. There are rare moments of calm, but overall Wehman’s take on ambient drone is glacial and shadowy, although never lacking in heart.

“Emergence (Third Profundity)”, while in intention is merely an introduction to the album’s closing piece “Transmutation Of Base Metal”, is the kind of bowel-loosening drone that would shake fillings in a live setting. The latter track itself is a particularly oppressive piece of music, employing ghostly loops and a palpable sense of foreboding during its eight minute lifespan. Its threatening atmosphere brings the collection to a suitably spooky close.

Unfortunately, it appears both of Wehman’s projects are now on indefinite hiatus, so it might be some time before we hear from this interesting talent again. It’s worth noting that Emergence is available from Bottle Imp Productions website and Bramble’s own Lastfm page for free download, so you have no excuse not to take advantage of Scott Wehman’s generosity and investigate further. Chances are his pneumatic drones will haunt your dreams for days to come.

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