Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 18th.


Despite being a mostly Internet Only sort of effort, Bottle Imp a huge fan of record stores and we want to encourage people to not buy music online this Saturday and get into your local record stores and buy some good music. There are a ton of unique releases this year by artists of every style and genre imaginable, and I know I’ll be stopping in to pick up an armful of things myself.

To encourage you to support your local record store, we’re giving away FREE STUFF to people who prove they participating in Record Store Day. Take a photo of or scan your record store receipt, take photos of your new stuff and send us the photos with the form below. Be sure we can see the date, the name of the store and how much you spent.

If you spend over $10, we’ll send you free stickers.

If you spend over $20, we’ll send you a free CD plus the stickers.

If you spend over $50, we’ll send you a Bottle Imp CD of your choice, plus the stickers, plus anything else we feel like throwing in.

To participate, go to our Record Store Day page.

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