The new album by Pinkish Black, “Razed To The Ground” is an epic work that could be the soundtrack to a bad ass, early 80’s Sword and Sorcery flick. This is heavy, drudge metal, layered with waves of vintage filter sweeps that evoke images of battles, journeys to the underworld and heroic deaths. Amazingly, this album that sits so solidly in the area of doom metal is entirely devoid of any guitars. The music is entirely performed by a duo, one on a drum kit and the other on a rack of synthesizers. This album is still blisteringly heavy, and you never miss the guitars for a second. “Razed to the Ground” is highly dynamic, with incredible song structure.

The only unfortunate reality here is that Pinkish Black’s “Razed to the Ground” is not, in fact, the soundtrack to some early 80’s Sword and Sorcery epic. Here’s to hoping this obvious marriage could occur some day!

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