Periskop is another band I found accidentally on Myspace. The few tracks they had posted in their player at the time were delightfully whimsical and mysterious. So I waited for the release of their full length album, and I am definitely not disappointed.

The music on “Periscopes”, while having a lot of structure, feels a bit chaotic. The songs contain a lot of different sound sources. On the third track I am listening to right now, I hear music boxes, something that sounds like a theremin, some sort of flute, and all sorts of clicks, pops and other unidentifiable sounds. The composition is held together by an analogue bass line, and some rhythmic percussion that kicks in half way through the track. A lot of the pieces resemble this, though vary in tone and approach wildly. It feel chaotic, but really pulls together to be really refreshing compositions.

“Periscopes” is almost the “Alice in Wonderland” of albums. It keeps digging deeper and deeper into strange yet beautiful musical territory. It is easy to get lost in it’s sublime layers of obsure and puzzling sounds. It is difficult to compare Periskop to other bands as their sound is so unusual.

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