Orion Rigel Dommisse’s album, What I Want From You Is Sweet, is a perfect example of an album that is so great, it makes it difficult for me to review it. I want to lavish praise on it for being highly original, emotive and wonderfully peculiar, but end up wanting to write, “It’s awesome, just listen to it”.

Of course, it isn’t necessarily for everyone, so I’ll describe it the best I can. It is a collection of depressing folk oriented songs. Dommisse’s vocal work remind me a bit of Melora Creager from Rasputina, but much more soft and not quite as devilish. The lyrics are extremely crafty, largely being songs about death and tragedy. This is seriously dark music, with sort of a girly, powdery kiss that makes it feel almost like a set of demented nursery rhymes. Or even more accurately, it is music that would work well for narrating very dark fairy tales or folk legends. It is definitely music for deep in the forests.

I would recommend checking out this album if you enjoy the idea of a very mellow, folk oriented Rasputina, or like anything by Marissa Nadler. It is hard to draw comparison’s to Dommisse since her music is so unique.

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