Quick #NewMusicFriday roundup for October 26th, 2018, most of which seems to be very “postpunk”.

Lycia, “In Flickers”

Legendary darkwave band, fellow Arizona desert dwellers, that I normally associate with the cold, dark and wet climate of the American Rust Belt where I used to live releases a highly touching album that actually works for me in the desert. This album takes some unexpected sonic turns on more than a few tracks, and all of it is poignant, while maintaining that distinctive Lycia vibe that made them the legendary band that they are.

Schedule IV, “In Treatment”

Super clean postpunk vibe from Detroit. Features Bottle Imp alumnus and graphic design guru Joshua McAllister. Rock edges with buzzing guitars and very deep basslines. Favorable comparison to Nine Inch Nails, though not as gritty and the vocals are way better. Highly recommended for anyone who is into that mid-80s postpunk/gothic vibe.

Miserable, “Loverboy / Dog Days”

Vaguely shoegazey album from Kristina Esfandiari from King Woman, who can do no wrong in my opinion. It sounds a lot like King Woman but contains a more One-Week-Until-Halloween level of darkness and doesn’t contain the intense crashes of King Woman. None of this is a complaint, the album is amazing and you should give it a listen. I’m struggling, because too many good releases today!

Devon Church, “We Are Inextricable”

From former member of Exit Music, an atmospheric release with interesting music production, where the vocals seem to live somewhere in the neighborhood of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.

Super Unison, “Stella”

Veering more into hardcore than postpunk, “Stella” is another heavy outing by Super Unison, channeling all the rage I expect and need in these weird times.

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