Blogger R-T-C posted a review of BLAERG’s “Dysphoric Sonorities“:

Dysphoric Sonorities is an album that was released by the breakcore group BLAERG. Lets start the review shall we? Profane Esoterica is a panic break song that is solely driven by its insanity. The background yells make you feel as if your walking down the long hall,in an insane asylum. Thrice Vexed brings on heavy fast paced drums and crushing cymbals. In the beginning of the song it brings a speedy thrasher feel, then gently slows down to a snails pace by the middle. After that it switches directions like a Tornado, but still brings some devastating creativity.Favorite part of this one is the end because it breaks down like an old hip hop song with spice of electronica. Ebullient Letimotif is…only thing that can explain this one is imagine your working on a high tech mech. But your working incredibly fast, this is that song! Crepuscular Harlotry is a bit on the mellow side of this album. This song has a bit of Brazilian flavor with the drums for a while. Then it changes up to a nice sped up rhythm, with an erie dark hallway like vocal. This one is one of my favorites from the album. Unmitigated Verbosity this song returns back the manic/panic chaotic feeling the first few songs displayed. Excepted this one will make you feel as though your very close friends with the drug Speed…zone out on this one because I did. Hermaphrodite Android’s Cumshot Infinity…I’m just gonna leave this song review empty. Check it out for yourself and along with Earth Hurdles. Both of these songs just put me in a fucking zone. I lost 5 minutes listening to these songs. Almost missed the song after. Luminescent Dermabrasion follows suit with the previously songs packing speed, eerie songs but this time its abit more melodic and soothing. This song literally feels like drugs into your system. And with each chaotic note your slipping more into the highness abyss created by BLÆRG. Titanium Cicada feels like another hallway song but not an asylum. This time it feels like your alone in an old spoooky electric amusement park. And then you touch a button and everything just goes bat shit crazy. I’ve tried my best to explain this incredibly creavtive album but you must check it for yourself. After this album I had a high and a headache. Check out BLAERG- Dysphoric Sonorities!!

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