A new review of BLÆRG’s “Dysphoric Sonorities” has been posted by The Headphone Commute:

Since the good ol’ days of Squarepusher’s jazzy idm breaks, laced with jungle flavored drill’n’bass, I’ve been nostalgic for that fading away sound. Even Venetian Snares modern-classical-meets-breakcore masterpiece, Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (Planet Mu, 2005), is now almost four years old. Has the genre put on an angrier mask and turned to gabber-heavy random-triggered mayhem? Where are those melodically driven themes complimented by intelligent macro programmed precision percussion? Or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Feel free to turn me in the right direction.

Imagine my surprise when I landed on BLÆRG. This Ohio (US) based producer is everything mentioned above and more! … ( Read More)

Also read the interview with BLÆRG.

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