A new review has been posted by Cosmos Gaming for Blaerg’s, “Dysphoric Sonorities“:

When one hears the word breakcore, it is not uncommon to think of the resulting band/artist to be primarily hip hop focused. But Toledo, Ohio based Blaerg (pronounced blarg), the musical project of Scott Wehman, is quite different from your typical breakcore act. Mixing the drum ‘n bass influences with ambient and industrial styles, Blaerg’s third album Dysphoric Sonorities is a unique experience that should be approached with an open mind, but is also one that will be a memorable and enjoyable journey to those who give it a chance.

Right off the bat, Blaerg’s music hits you with electronic drums that get up to extremely high beats per minute. But though there are plenty of moments that sound like traditional house and drum ‘n bass, there are also prevalent jazz, ambient, and industrial influences as well. Scott Wehman lists Frank Zappa as an influence and this definitely shows throughout the course of Dysphoric Sonorities thanks to the sheer level of variety and on the fly transitions. It may be a little hard to take in at once, but the sense of exploration and atmosphere felt throughout this album is sure to bring the adventurous back time and time again. As for vocals, there isn’t any singing but instead occasional spoken word as well as the use of sound bites. But it should be mentioned that when these appear, they are used to enhance the instrumentals rather than to steal the focus from them. Overall, Blaerg’s style feels wholly unique and will definitely warrant repeat listens.

Blaerg has produced ambient experimental breakcore; something I’m not quite sure has been done before. And while it is likely to remain a fairly small niche, there’s definitely something enjoyable and impressive about what Scott Wehman has managed to accomplish with this album. As long as you don’t have anything against electronic music and are open to the experimental, Dysphoric Sonorities certainly deserves to have a spot in your collection.

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