A new review has been posted of Bramble’s new album, “Emergence” by Absolute Zero Media:

“Remember the days when Dark ambience use to scare the shit out of you when label like Dark Vinyl, Soleilmoon, CMI, Eibon and Cold Spring were so mysterious you wondered if they had unlocked the gate to the 8th level of hell to let these sounds out. Well Bramble does that to me again. Deep Drifting Drones and Tones that are so Demonic in nature you get the chill down your spine. You feel like you need to keep looking over your shoulder in the dark for something, but it’s never there. The crazy thing of it all is all this is done by two human voices manipulated and effected through electronic and mixing technologies. Bramble would make Mike Patton proud as he was the 1st I hear to do this with his ” Adult Themes” CD on Tzadik. If you enjoy artist like Daniel Menche, Drakh, Lull and Lustmord then you have opened the door to a new favorite release. It is ultra minimal at time then other moments it builds up a bit but never to climax. Terrified Drifting through the bleak , black of nothingness alone this is the sounds you mind would create as the madness seeps in. Bramble is a fantastic creation and this is there third so now I have two other I have to hunt out and listen too. “

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