Welcome to the Bottle Imp New Music round up for July, 2018. Not everything I highlight was released this month, this is more of a reflection of things I discovered and want to share, though a lot of it will have been released recently..

ohGr, “Tricks”

Ogre from Skinny Puppy fame releases new album with collaborator Mark Walk. The style is very familiar and strikes me a true successor to their original album, “Welt”. This is not dark in the way Skinny Puppy is, it has a lot of pep and makes a fantastic summer driving album.

Deadly Avenger, “The Girl with the White Orchid”

Equal parts sublime and mysterious, this is deep analog synth work reminiscent of popular synthwave craze and movie score. At times reminding me of Philip Glass and other times reminding me of Daft Punk’s “Tron” score. Get it on Bandcamp

Busdriver, “Electricity is on our Side”

This one is dedicated to anyone who says there isn’t any good hip hop anymore. Busdriver’s latest is a deep journey into some wild intellectual caverns. I had to sit it on repeat for a while to absorb it entirely, even though the smooth experimental music sits with you easily on the first listen. Get it on Bandcamp

David Galas, “A Long Hard Road To Nowhere”

Classify under “Massive Underexposed Brilliance”, David’s newest album is as strong as anything he has released, and that is to say all his releases are strong. Those unfamiliar, David Galas is a member of legendary ethereal act Lycia. His solo work hits harder and has more grit, evoking moods similar to bands like Swans, more older Swans than newer Swans. While I have hard time listening to Lycia while in the desert (I mean, Lycia is the perfect thunder storm music), David’s fits remarkably well. Get it on Bandcamp

Chain Cult, “Demo 2018 MLP”

These days it is a little trite to compare bands to Joy Division, but seriously, take a listen. It strikes me as a continuation of the heavier sides of Joy Division but that dark rage and atmosphere reside deeply on this record. Listen to it on Bandcamp

Spurv, “Myra”

Spurv is a postrock band from Norway. “Myra” is an album that sounds like what you hope a postrock band from Norway sounds like. There is a definite Let-Me-Get-Lost-In-The-Dark-Forest vibe here with just the right amount of sustaining epicness through the recording. Listen it on Bandcamp

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