When I started Bottle Imp Productions way back when, it was about music sharing. I have been all about music sharing for a lot of years now. I’m passionate about music and I want other people to know about what’s out there. Bottle Imp isn’t even my first such venture. Bottle Imp came about as a record label because I had friends who were making music that was not getting the exposure I felt it deserved. These guys were making world class music and had no good means of distribution and no good means to build on the audience they already had. I was motivated to help and put this together to do so.

Times have changed and I’m no longer content with Bottle Imp being exclusive a record label. I will continue to release albums by artists I feel strongly about but I am shifting my focus back to what really matters to me: Sharing music. I moved the content from my old music blog here, and have started archiving my music playlists. So we have two new sections on the site: Reviews and Playlists. Right now I’m publishing stuff exclusively but I hope to get some of my other artists on board, and possibly some other review writers in time. So, expect to see a lot more activity in these departments, as well as new releases from BLAERG, AMNION and Life Toward Twilight.

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