Mamiffer’s “Hirror Enniffer” is an album so close to being exactly what I like in an album that it makes it difficult for me to review. The band is from Seattle, and digging around on the internet does not yield much information about them. However, if this album is any indication of what’s to come, Mamiffer is definitely a band to watch.

The most redeeming element being strong neoclassical piano parts coupled with long sustained droning guitar strumming in the background that is reminiscent of bands like Sunn O))). Where Sunn O))) might be too abrasiveness for some, Mamiffer may be an excellent alternative, with engaging percussion work, seductively dark piano playing with a wonderful female vocalist. There are a myriad of other instruments at work, all to great effect. The overall sound some how intersects a place where fans of Dead Can Dance, Sunn O))), Current 93 and even maybe Godspeed You! Black Emperormight all enjoy. The music is dramatic, epic, solemn and full of melancholy. Oh, and the musicianship is wonderful.

For a band that could sit somewhere between Constellation Records and Cold Meat Industry, it is exciting for me that they are located in the U.S. Hopefully they decide to tour. In any event, if you read this blog with any regularity, you absolutely should take this album into your home. It truly is a wonderful record.

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