Epic, sublime, intimate and euphoric. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to describe Les Fragments de la Nuit’s album, “Musique du crépuscule”, and really, it can be summed up with those four words. The music is composed by a small band with cello, violin and piano, so it is very neoclassical in nature. But this is neoclassicalin the most etherealsense, and the music on “Musique du crépuscule” really transcends what conventions I normally use to describe beautiful music.

On the band’s Myspace page, they list composers such a Steve Reich and Philip Glass as influences. I don’t hear much experimental sound here as it sounds like there is a definite vision, but I definitely hear the intimate, introspective qualities of Glass present. They also list Godspeed You! Black Emperor as an influence. Again, I hear nothing similar to Godspeed or post-rock. There is definitely a similarity to Rachel’s “Music for Egon Schiele“, but even that comparison is fleeting. “Musique du crépuscule” is dark and epic like sound track work, using occasionally intense staccato rhythms, and really brooding progressions. However, where the music is larger than life at times, it is highly personal and reflective. Where it has similarities to a lot of music I listen to, it really is highly original work.

If you like neoclassical music, and want something as dreamy and sublime as it is dark and brooding, I definitely recommend this album.

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