As long as I am thinking about soundtrack work, I should write about Hecq’s new album. Hecq is normally known for highly atmospheric music with glitch, IDM oriented beats. “Night Falls” strips away the glitch (for the most part) and the beats and focuses on highly atmospheric neoclassical compositions. Most of the album sounds like it could work as a soundtrack for a movie like “Blade Runner” or “Alien“, I imagine something set deep in space. There is a lot of very atmospheric pad synth work that is very rich that works with the various sound design elements scattered about. Here and there, you hear elements of very quiet, glitchy work, but it isn’t rhythmic at all, and works exclusively to help build the ambience. This album is definitely dark, but it is not oppressively dark like Lustmord, or The Protagonist. The actual ambient work more reminds me of Squaremeter, particularly on the album “War of Sound“. I highly recommend this album to anyone who appreciates their ambient music very dark, mixed with neoclassical and glitch elements.

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