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Flatland Sound Studio, “Sorry, Donny”

Sorry, Donny

S02 – Sorry, Donny by Flatland Sound Studio “Sorry, Donny” is the second EP in a short series by the glitchy breakcore act Flatland Sound Studio. “Sorry, Donny” includes remixes by Row Boat and Hitori Tori. Release Date Genres Share

BLÆRG, “Sonoluminescent”


Sonoluminescent, the newest EP by veteran breakcore artist BLAERG, brings his genre back to his homestead. Released on a 7″ vinyl record, we hear the electronic bytes as the analog soundwaves of the medium’s birth. The two, approximately four-minute tracks,…

BLÆRG, “New Era”

New Era

We find our protagonist in the objective world, or at least what one might call consensual reality. Confronted with the subjective experience(s) synonymous with the margins of our current incarnation, perceptions take on the local color. Our protagonist’s beliefs are…

BLÆRG, “Id.Entity”

Id.Entity is a bit of a reward for us patient BLÆRG fans. On a brief return from his educational sabbatical, he has put together a small collection of jazzy beats and rhythms that will relieve our withdrawal symptoms. Id.Entity by…

BLÆRG, “Auspices and Vagaries”

Auspices & Vagaries

Ever watch a 60’s movie set in the future? The kind where the sets are stark white with oddly shaped chairs in bright colors that don’t look the least bit comfortable, where the cars fly but are roughly the size…

BLÆRG, “Soulseek Days”

This collection of early tracks by breakcore maestro, BLÆRG, revisits his “Soulseek Days.” Then in the early stages of music production, Scott spent time on Soulseek sharing his musical creations with other breakcore producers exchanging remixes, tips, and tricks.This web-only…

BLÆRG, “Dysphoric Sonorities”

Dysphoric Sonorities

BLÆRG’s “Dysphoric Sonorities“, is filled with subtle, purposeful intelligence which begins with its philologically challenging titles and continues through the very last moments of track nine, “Titanium Cicada“. With titles such as “Ebullient Leitmotif” and “Crepuscular Harlotry” you may feel…