Excession” by Metria is now available on vinyl via Void Tactical Media.

I remember walking across to Division Street sometime around 2008, hearing this otherworldly howling echo across the Eastern Market. When I came in the door, it was David Cole, Metria, piloting his Nord Lead to sing the songs of the post-industrial era. In the years since then, I’ve seen Metria perform fewer times that I would have expected, but it has often been a similar story: an initial disorientation, an unexpected exposure to a sound, following by the recognition that here is one of our own, speaking the story of our times in Detroit through electronics and noise.

Void Tactical Media 004 captures one of those moments, this time from our party Excession in 2011, organized primarily by Key. Landing at North End Studios on a cold December night, we had pro sound from Jim Gibbons but no heat, just people showing up in a raw Detroit space to hear beats and noise. Metria played as an opener that night, and played short – something like 20 minutes. But when the set ended, Dave had taken us somewhere that we hadn’t expected just yet. A tempo-warping, hard broken beat industrial build was answered with yelling and cheers at the early hour of 10:30pm. You might even say the rest of the party was unnecessary.

For several years we would reminisce about that set, but then a funny thing happened: our friend Andy showed up with recordings of the event, which we’d completely forgotten about. Turns out Metria’s set fits almost perfectly onto 12” vinyl. Key revisited her original flier art to work it into an amazing jacket design. Final 2 color silk screening on matte black paper by Angie Coe at Ocelot Print Shop in Detroit.

Now grab this piece of history, and support Void Tactical’s core sound and concepts!

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