The Disease Model was an experimental digi-grind side project comprised of the duo BLAERG and Wade Anderson, and its lifespan swiftly passed between a few months in 2007. Since this material is largely unheard, it has been decided to unearth these unfinished (?) tracks and put them on display as a curiosity.

Foundation ideas:
The inspiration for the project originated from a desire to combine the frantic and chaotic “artificial band” feel of mid-era Agoraphobic Nosebleed, the sickly unconventional and discordant melodic elements of Obscura-era Gorguts and the application of break beat sample manipulation methodology to an unrelated source material: the guitar riff.

The tracks presented here demonstrate the linear refinement and progression of the aforementioned ideas and appear in the order in which they were begun and completed. The project was abandoned after both parties lost interest due to the inordinate amount of time track completion demanded.

Wade was first given guitar recording assignments: choose a selected tempo and improvise riffs with the encouragement to indulge in as wide a variety of ideas as possible (tremolo picking, strange chords, tapping, etc.). Raw guitar lines were then scrutinized, sliced and arranged into novel sequences. Drum samples (culled mostly from a wide variety of metal records) were then sequenced into frantic and sometimes “impossible” patterns. An overarching effort was exerted to construct short passages that were simultaneously catchy, heavy, quasi-technical and unlikely to be arrived at in the conventional writing method employed by bands of this ilk. The sound is intentionally left raw and varies significantly from track to track. It is still unclear as to whether vocals should have been a component or not, and electric bass (performed by BLAERG) is featured only on the final track completed.

Chemical dependency, extremes of frustration, betrayal, resentment, misanthropy, humor

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