Dev/Null, Necrobestial Sadobreaks

I find it exceptionally irritating when I hear people argue that file sharing is killing music. There are quite a number of artists out there giving albums away as free downloads for this to ever be true. And it isn’t limited to just fringe acts. This giving away the album concept goes from obscure artists to popular artists as big as Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead. Making money is not the only motivation for cranking out great music. Anyway, when I originally put this blog together, I wanted to focus on free releases exclusively, but decided instead to just focus on whatever music I love and happen to be listening to at the time.

So, this is an album you can download for free. Defying the consist accusation that breakcore is a dead genre, Dev/Null releases “Necrobestial Sadbreaks”, a ridiculously amped up power house album of highly intricate cut-up beats. The theme on this album seems to be grindhouse cinema with song titles such as “Gorechestra” and “Zombie Sunset”. The array of sounds matches, including scattered 8-bit tones, crunchy metal guitars, vintage synth work, and an endless supply of other things. There is a lot going on in this release.

The beats are seriously wicked. Dev/Null really amps up the tempo more than any quality breakcore producer I can think of. The beats are super heavy, super fast, and are absolute madness. The album has only three full length tracks, along with four tracks that are a minute in length or shorter. The whole album is only about 16 minutes long. The smaller tracks are, interestingly, part of what makes this release awesome, as they are no holds barred, balls out heavy. It really is impressive how blistering fast and crunchy the whole album is. It’s free to download, so at least give it a listen!

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