Share your Spotify playlists with friends on other streaming services

(while also supporting bands🤘🤘)

Mix tape

Sharing mixtapes has been around for a while

Back in the day, us olds would lovingly record songs onto tape cassettes, from the radio, in as pleasing a sequence as possible so we could give the tapes to people we cared about.

The 90s came, and by the end of the decade, we were making mixed CDs.

In the ’00s, who didn’t lovingly make playlists in Winamp?

Now, playlists are part of how we connect with people day-to-day.

We aim to make this easier, cross-platform, and artist-friendly.

So, what is this?

Bottle Imp’s mission is to connect people through their love of music.

We do so by making a landing page for each playlist that can be shared with your friends that use a different streaming service.

And! each playlist’s track links to an artists Bandcamp page if we could find one.

You can share your playlists with anyone, and support the artists at the same time.

How does it work?

We give playlist curators a few tools:

Sharable Playlist Pages

We create shareable landing pages for your playlists, which connect everyone: bands, artists, curators, and fans.

Easier Music Discovery

We make playlist discovery more fun. You can search by genres or qualities, like how sad a playlist is, or how energetic.

You’ll be part of a playlist community.

Easily Support Artists

We make supporting artists easy by linking directly to their Bandcamp page—no need to go to a search engine and look it up. Easy!

Cross-platform sharing

Share your playlists with your friends that use other music streaming services. Your friends will be able to listen to your playlist even if they don’t use Spotify.