BLÆRG is going to release his live recording from the Bangface party, part of his recent tour in Europe, and we need cover art designed for it. We decided to open it up as a contest. This is a digital only release, so only a front cover image is needed.


1) Use images from the Bangface gallery, with a focus on the image of BLÆRG.
2) Title is “BLÆRG, Live At Bangface
3) Digital only release, so only front, square image is needed.
4) Submit as JPG or PSD, 1500 pixels by 1500 pixels.
5) Entries must be received by Monday August 3rd, 2015. Winner will get a free copy of the Sonoluminescent 7″ vinyl from Bottle Imp, 3 other Bottle Imp CDs, and will have their credits on the release webpage.


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CONTEST IS OVER. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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