I am a giant fan of great concept albums. People that write great songs are fine, but I love the art form of creating an album. In my world, all albums would have consistent themes. Attrition’s, All Mine Enemys Whispers is an example of such a concept album, and it is executed very tastefully, and with great talent. The album is about Victorian era serial killer, Mary Ann Cotton. I want to focus on the music, but you should definitely read up on the subject matter, as the story is quite fascinating.

Overall, this is a dark ambient style album with a lot of neoclassical elements. However, all of the instrumentation is very subdued, extremely dark, and quite ghostly. The piano work that is scattered about the album is very gentle, but genuinely spooky. The same can be said for the violin and cello work, which very slowly creeps around the mix. The subtle musical movements are really quite scary. The electronic ambient work is not quite as thick as what you might hear on a Lustmord recording, but does create a very tense and tortured mood. There is definitely a sense of evil here that takes place between every musical note.

It is hard to draw comparisons, but this might be of interest to anyone who likes Midnight Syndicate, Shinjuku Thief’s “Witch Trilogy” or Jill Tracy’s soundtrack to Murnau’s “Nosferatu”.

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