Wayward Son, "Casual Stoicism"

Debut release by Wayward Sun. A series of sonic vignettes on the topic of grief. Tracks 1-11 loop seamlessly forever, track 12 provides a smooth transition to a conclusion.

"Impossible Walls" by Mark Spybey
Cover art “Impossible Walls” by Mark Spybey

Performed and recorded by Scott Mitting. Mastered by R. Galbraith. Photography by Mark Spybey. Layout by Daniel Tuttle. Released by Bottle Imp Productions in association with TV Live Entertainment. Dedicated to Kathy M Mitting 1954-2016.

The dreamy atmosphere that pervades the album has moments of tension, but never without peaceable resolve… Casual Stoicism seems like a slow revelation of self and there is an innocence, a tender beauty, that overrides any of the darker sentiments in this ambient soup of sound.
YabYum Music + Arts

It’s a suitably haunting collection of downtempo electronic instrumentals with vocals on two tracks.


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