Bramble, "Cycle Stasis"

In Bramble’s newest album, Cycle Stasis, we encounter the deceptive stillness that accompanies the passage of time for all living things. We hear the gentle pulses of a pool burgeoning with life. We hear the echoes of a landscape devoid of life. We hear the slow, objectionless death of one who does not realize their impending fate. Above all, we hear a carefully crafted, quiet complexity that rewards the listener with as much as they choose to listen for.

Limited edition cassette tape available for order on Bandcamp. Go here to order.

Entire program proceeds uninterrupted on each side of the cassette, followed by a five minute respite.

All works created during 2010-2012

S. Wehman: all sample selection, vocals and manipulation

Artwork created by Colin White

Release Date


// ambient // dark ambient // drone //