BLÆRG, "New Era"

We find our protagonist in the objective world, or at least what one might call consensual reality. Confronted with the subjective experience(s) synonymous with the margins of our current incarnation, perceptions take on the local color. Our protagonist’s beliefs are steadily shaped by trial and error, the limits of information viewed through distorted lenses, and emerging psychosis. Finally (arriving at an apex most unusual) the transformation is complete: our friend has the only possible conclusion. Tied down in socio-structural restraints, however, his claims of demigod status go unrecognized. He could usher in the New Era, If only someone would listen…

New Era is the latest album by BLÆRG and is available on CD as well as through most major digital stores.

Credits: S. Wehman: Sample selection and editing, synthesizers, electric bass, vocals, sequencing.
Cover Art: Fractal textures by Benjamin Schlegel. Layout and design by Daniel Tuttle.

This title is now available on CD. Order on Bandcamp.

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