Night turns to dusk. Dim hints of daylight tint the dry and flaking twigs he steps upon. Partial illumination reveals a shape beneath the cover of a tree. No. A shape of the tree. An ancient piano built of twisted branches and corded vines and keys of sap turned to amber. He sits upon the rooted bench. He wipes away remnants of the years, the crumbled leaves, the desiccated blossoms. He plays. He plays the sun as it rises. He plays the clouds as they form. He plays the wind as the weather turns. He plays the rain drop by drop as its shower falls upon the canopy protecting him. He, his instrument, all of nature, keeping pace as sun follows moon, moon follows earth, and earth follows sun into perpetuity.

“Vignettes” is the child of Amnion, born of the first ever Piano Day, begun by Nils Frahm. Vignette #1 was selected for Nils’ Piano Day Playlist, along with such celebrated pianists as Olafur Arnalds, Helios and Tales of Us. Vignettes is available as a limited edition, handcrafted CD of 50 copies.