AMNION - Slow Calm

A storyteller recites the tale of a violin playing in the rain. The wind heard the words and whispered them to the seashore. In the rising tide, the waters swept up the tale and carried it across the leagues to a lonely island. A wandering sea bird, taking respite on the isle, heard the story of the raining violinist.

A lone violinist, standing on a rain-soaked corner of the city, heard his tale falling in droplets from the sky.

Curated by Daniel Tuttle and released through Bottle-Imp Productions, ‘Slow Calm’ brings together a diverse range of talented and respected artists, including a contribution from Shinjuku Thief, and their unique reinterpretations of the title track by AMNION.

This title is now available on CD. Order on Bandcamp.

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// ambient industrial // glitch // industrial // noise //