Bottle Imp is about the love of sharing good music.

I started Bottle Imp in 2001 to share music I loved. In my youth, I sat around a turn table, listening to records, making mix tapes and hanging around record stores. Soon after high school, I started joining bands and helping promote local artists. Bottle Imp was created soon after I moved to Detroit and and was immersed into a much larger music culture. I wanted everyone in the world to hear all these amazing bands I ran into. At first, Bottle Imp was used to promote shows, then as we established footing, we started releasing albums as a record label. I released some of my own titles, then started sharing other acts. I publish reviews and playlists as well, because there is so much good music out there that people need to hear.

I’ve since moved to Arizona and have the Four Peaks as my backdrop, but I still consider Detroit to be Bottle Imp’s home. I now work with and am inspired by artists all over the world and Bottle Imp’s goal is, and always will be, sharing amazing music we’ve found.

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